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Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program

  • 16 Week Program
  • Fulltime
  • For Ages 18+
  • In-Person Required

Get paid to learn

$16.55 per hour for all 16 weeks of the program.

Hands-on learning

In class and on-site training with experienced trades staff.

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85% of graduates are working successfully in trades careers.
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Building Up's pre-apprenticeship program is a 16-week paid training program using construction contracts and in-class training to prepare individuals facing barriers to employment for successful careers in the trades.

How it works

In-Class Training

8 weeks of in-class training

Trades Math Class

Our Trades Math class offers a comprehensive approach, blending skill-based activities with trades-specific problem-solving. Covering foundational math skills such as whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, and measurement conversions, our Building Up Trades Math Program ensures proficiency in key areas essential for success in the construction industry. Recognizing that some trainees may face challenges with math due to prior experiences or time away from school, our dedicated instructor provides personalized support, including one-on-one sessions outside of class. Emphasizing the importance of mastering fundamental concepts for the Union Entrance exam and on-site calculations, we empower students to take charge of their learning journey. With a focus on fostering a "can do" attitude and encouraging initiative, our program equips trainees with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their future trades career.

Trades Class

Our trades class is designed to lay the groundwork for technical proficiency, shaping ideal apprentices. Throughout the program, participants practice utilizing both imperial and metric systems, master the reading of measuring tapes, and comprehend the purpose of various tools in construction tasks. Punctuality and reliability are emphasized, with a focus on readiness for work to ensure effective communication of instructions and clear expectations for the day. Additionally, coachability is fostered through regular feedback sessions, guiding trainees to implement necessary adjustments and reinforcing safe tool usage and other essential skills.

Career Success Class

Trainees undergo comprehensive training to equip them with the essential skills necessary for success in the construction industry. The Career Success class focuses on providing a solid foundation in communication, problem-solving, and workplace safety. Trainees learn effective communication techniques vital for collaboration on job sites, strategies for problem-solving in diverse work environments, and crucial safety protocols and procedures to ensure a secure work environment. Participants develop the core competencies essential for thriving in apprenticeship roles and advancing their careers in construction.
Work placement

8 weeks of in the field training on BU Labour, Temp, or Contracting project sites.

Working on site

During the final 8 weeks of our program, trainees embark on a transformative journey at one of Building Up's job sites. This hands-on experience serves as a pivotal transition from the classroom to a real-life work environment. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, participants receive comprehensive mentorship in both technical skills and essential workplace competencies.

The General Labour Experience

Providing a comprehensive training platform, participants delve into a myriad of learning avenues. From conducting energy audits to mastering landscaping, painting, and providing moving support, this immersive program spans a wide spectrum of responsibilities crucial for success in the trades. Emphasizing punctuality, teamwork, reliability, and a host of other essential skills, trainees are equipped with the versatility and competence needed to thrive in various labor-intensive roles.

The General Contracting Experience

General Contracting offers an extensive and immersive training opportunity that exposes participants to a diverse array of renovation and construction tasks. From framing and finish carpentry to the meticulous artistry of tile work, drywall, and plastering, trainees gain hands-on experience in every facet of the industry. Additionally, they learn the intricacies of working with concrete, among other essential skills. Through this comprehensive approach, participants not only develop diverse skills but also cultivate an understanding of the collaborative nature of construction projects.

Upcoming Intakes

All Ages Cohort (18+)

In Person Info Session: Friday, July 26th 2024
How to gain access to the mandatory info session?
Please email all documents to melisa.savone@buildingup.ca to receive registration links for our mandatory, in-person info session. We have a limit of 120 candidates for the session. Once this limit is reached, we will no longer accept applications or documentation.
Mandatory Info Session
In-Person, Location to be determined
Interviews Start
Throughout the week
Final Cohort Selection
We select up to 16 candidates per cohort. All selected candidates will be contacted via email.
Program Start
16 week program, full-time, in person

Upcoming Cohort

Mandatory Info Session
In Person | Location to be determined
Intake + Interview Process

Application Overview

STEP I: Apply online

STEP II: Submit your documents. Once we received all your documents, we will send you the link to register for the in-person info session.

STEP III: Register for the in person info session

1. Information Session

To be eligible for interviews, attendance at the Information Session is mandatory. You can access our in-person session by submitting your application on our website. Upon application receipt, we’ll send an email confirming and outlining next steps, including a list of required documents for the program. To receive registration links for the in-person session, please email us your documents beforehand. Only 72 candidates will proceed to the first round of interviews.

2. First Interview

We conduct the first interview over Zoom or Google Meets. Candidates are expected to have their cameras on and able to video with the Building Up team throughout the interview. If this is not possible, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

3. Final Interviews

Candidates who successfully pass their first interview will advance to the final round, which will be conducted in person. Those chosen for the final cohort of 16 participants will receive notification via email, along with an offer of admission letter.

1-year warranty on all of our labour
Licensed contractor in the City of Toronto.
All required insurance + WSIB Health and safety policies.

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