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Insulation Services

Fund your short + long term savings with green rebates.

Insulation Services

Let us shepherd you through the process of finding and securing green rebates.
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List of Services:


Cutting-edge materials and industry-proven best practices guided by seasoned experts.

Guided help finding, navigating, and maximizing rebates to reduce (or pay for!) project costs.

Expert Air Sealing Solutions

Shield your home from air leaks that drive up your utility bills. Choose from a range of options to effectively seal air penetrations.

Attic Insulation

Experience unmatched home comfort and efficiency with our premium attic insulation services. Say goodbye to drafts and high bills.

Wall Insulation

Trust our experts to handle everything from new empty walls to retrofit installations, including batts, drill and fill, and foam.

Basement Insulation

Convert your chilly basement into a comfortable living area with our specialized insulation solutions.

Eric Sherman

Toronto, ON

“We were extremely pleased with the insulation work Dominic and his team conducted at our home. They were knowledgeable, professional, clean, and reliable. The team ensured to provide special care, bringing in site specific materials to accommodate our requirements. We would highly recommend Building Up to anyone requiring assessment and execution of insulation work.”

Allie Sheir

Toronto, ON

“Our bills were high, some rooms were super hot in the summer, and super cold in the winter, and we wanted to do our part for the environment as well. We were told that it would be a expensive headache to insulate. With Building Up it took two days. Over 90% of the costs of the work and energy audit were covered by rebates and now our house is more comfortable and our bills are way down. Its honestly a no brainer and we recommend it to everyone with an old house given the rebates available.”

Built different

Competitive Pricing

Our focus extends beyond profit margins; we prioritize providing quality training while ensuring competitive pricing for your renovation project.


Rich experience working with retrofits, custom homes, co-ops and social housing providers.

Versatile Insulation Solutions

Explore our range of insulation products, including eco-friendly options, curated to meet your needs and promote sustainability.

Dedication to Craft

BU trainees, guided by teaching experts, prioritize thoroughness. They approach each project as a pivotal moment in their careers.

Empowerment through Employment

When you hire a BU participant, you're helping individuals with barriers to employment build a career in the trades.

When you hire a BU participant, you're helping individuals with barriers to employment build a career in the trades.

We connect housing providers with needed work to residents ready to undertake it, while also linking homeowners with eager workers.
Why we build UP

1-year warranty on all of our labour
Licensed contractor in the City of Toronto.
All required insurance + WSIB Health and safety policies.

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